Monday, 11 March 2013

WBCOOP-29: Bubble? You might as well go out first.

I think its a measure of how far i've come if I consider 314th of 619 as a complete failure, but the fact of the matter is, if you don't come in that top 108, you are tossed onto the scrapheap, and all branded as losers in that particular competition, morale victories count for nothing to me, every time I bubble, I wish i'd have gone out first. Its a cruel game.

It was another tournament that never really got going for me, every time I hit, people were hitting combo draws and all sorts, but managing to stay in with only 6/15 showdown wins was an impressive feat in itself.

As 6-max goes, chip stacks can fluctuate massively, and within 20 hands I had been up tp T$3500 before losing a few hands and being down to T$2200, but just 10 hands later, I saw my Q-7 hit a 3-8-Q-2-J board, and effectively double up as I reached T$4000 chips.

I then fired three bets at a 4-5-9-2-4 board and expected a loss when he called, only to see him turn over A-10, and I was up to nearly T$6000.

I then went a few hands without anything of note, that until AQ was given to me, and the short-stack fired all in, I snap called, and he showed AJ. Only for this to happen..... .

Ill be first to admit I went a little on tilt, calling a flop with 8-4s and thinking my pair of fours were good on a 9-7-4-K-10 board, let me give you a guess... They weren't. But in fairness, his A-10 did hit the river. 

It didn't get any easier for me, I held K-9 on a 7-8-9-5, double suited board, and after convincing myself he was drawing due to his flat calls, I jammed him all in, and the same guy hit his miracle river, needing a 6-8-10-J.

I was never the same from there on in fairness, another 20 hands without a hit, I managed to double up against my nemesis of the day, my A-8 hitting against his 5-5, and I was back to a manageable stack size again.

I wanted to kick on and make a break for the cash, but again a long spell without a hand, especially in a 6-max tournament, is never ideal, as blinds come around faster than the leaders on a Formula One track.

I've talked about patience and how I have it in abundance, but how I lacked in it this tournament. with blinds sitting at 75/150, i checked a K-10-9 flop with K-Qs, and when I raised him on a 5 on the turn, he 3-bet all in, and after much deliberation, I called, stupidly really, as I could only put him on J-10 or Q-10 that I was beating, but in fact he flipped over Q-J, and I was drawing dead to a J.

That one was over, and it was on to the last preliminary WBCOOP event, before the main event on Monday.

This .gif pretty much summed up my (6-max) event.