Friday, 8 March 2013

WBCOOP 24: Omaha-ha-ha.

I must admit, when I joined this one, I had no clue it was a turbo. That put me in good stead from the beginning. Not.

Wasn't at all impressed with the amount of people sitting out though, if this was 6-max you'd be most likely playing by yourself, though at least you can't lose that way I guess.

Took me about 20 minutes to win a hand, Omaha isn't my strongest game, but played a good hand below, cumulating in a straight on the river for a few thousand chips.

So, quickly enough, the blinds were catching up with us, as the big stack raised every hand, not really allowing me or our other opponent pick up any chips, in this massive 3-handed game we had going on. Superb.

Sure enough, after playing a few missed draws, I was down to shoving territory, and my 10-9-Q-9 had enough about it to warrant getting it all in the middle, though Mr.Big Stack could afford to call with pretty much any cards, as he threw some pocket change into the middle with his A-J-2-7.

Sure enough, he hit three-of-a-kind jacks, and although I was sweating on a Spade for the River, I didnt catch, and I was out before i'd even got onto my second can of beer. Not great, but 4 strong events over the next two days, so i'm quietly confident of clambering up that leaderboard still.

As this blog was one of my shortest, I thought id spruce it up with this lovely picture of cat I drew whilst waiting to be seated. Don't worry, there won't be many more monstrosities. Hopefully.

See you for the Deep Stack, 3pm Saturday.