Sunday, 3 March 2013

WBCOOP Event:08 ~ Sleep deprived.

So, pretty successful last night, but after finally hitting the hay at 5:30am, I was up at 8:00am for football. Is this how Poker players do it? I hope not, or i might need some more coffee at least. Not quite sure what my idea was when I joined tonights tournament, the WBCOOP-08, but the set-up looks tasty, and plus, im working the late at work tomorrow! Bonus!

No chance i'll be in the 11pm one though, I might stay up and play some $0.05/0.1 tables around milestone time, try and hit the big one, but this is my solitary event for tonight.

10,000 chip stack, 15 minute blinds, something I can really get my teeth into, or more chips to throw away? Yeah, the second one.

Down 25% of my stack early on, a guy slow played trip J against me and i stupidly called 1k on the river with top pair, a rubbish top pair at that.

Still, if you are good enough, you can afford to be stupid every now and again, as you have more than enough time to make up for it. Time to see what im made of!

Turns out not much. Somebody re-raised me with my AQs and i called, J-10-3 hit flop so liked my position, acting last as well, turns out he shoved the 8 on the turn, 3 times the pot, and I immediately fold, calling AK in my head. Sure enough, when i show my AQ he shows his AK, a good fold to a stupid bet.

With the large chip stacks, im too keen to see flops with small raises with hands like 5-5, A-9, only to fold them straight away. Never going to win playing like that.

Well, after being back below 5k, I finally won a decent sized pot. Pretty sure I was ahead on the flop, with 2 men in, I thought my shove of half a pot might have got ONE caller.... Not to be, but i'll take the 7k!

BREAK: $11,266 ~ 194th of 392

5 minutes isn't exactly the nicest length of breaks. However, it allowed me to heat up my roast dinner, and make a cup of tea. How British of me.

Back in the running now, another lovely pot, got QJ and hit a 10-8-4 flop, and of course executed the Check-Raise on the river for a few more chips.

Always a big confidence boost going over the average stack, and again its 108 for the tickets, so a long way to go yet!

Well, its fair to say its going alright at the moment. Some guy gives me about $4,000 of his chips with KQ on a A-K-2-J-8 board, I had AQ, and then the next hand, this happens.....

Thats the same guy by the way. He shoved 6k over my river bet into a 22k pot. Definitely winning 1 in 4 times there. You can replay the hand here if you wish!

There was a guy 'bantering' me when I was down to $4k chips actually, I just said 'watch and learn' to him. Brad 1 Spanish Kid 0.

Andddd with that, we reach the two hour mark. Time for apple crumble and custard. Poker fuel

BREAK 2: $36,745 ~ 33rd of 298

There was no custard left, and its apple pie, not crumble. Sorry for any problems caused from this mis-information.

I've gone 28 minutes without playing a hand, and i've got a really sore backside. Time to alter my seating position, might lead to some decent hands?

Decent hands.... Yes. Wins? No.  Sighhhh

Down to 22k now. Ironically my A10 was beaten by AJ, in the same way my AK failed to beat AJ. Thats the way it goes though. Still confident of a cash though, 40-odd BB, and 103rd of 170 people.

BREAK 3: $22,525 ~ 104th of 170

I must say, not much has been happening since the break. Well, that until this happened. 

The Questions is, should I:

A) Call
B) Call or, 
C) Call?

Here was the outcome! Bish...Bash...Bosh.. I'll take one good hand an hour when its like that.

Currently 30th out of 129. Who fancies another deep run and a very tired Brad for tomorrow?

Well, thats a killer. My AQ is beating KQ all the way, and then a miracle A on the river gives him a straight, and my top pair looks good. Urgh, painful. $90k pot leaves me grasping at chips near to the cash, approx. 15BB left.

Salvageable. I was in a similar position last night. Can I do similar? Only one way to find out!

BREAK 4: $16,453 ~ 100th of 109.  108 receive tickets.

So here we are, the bubble. The final player, that after 4 hours of work, has absolutely nothing to show for it. There is absolutely zero chance that is going to happen to me, thanks!

Massive start! The bubble bursts, and immediately i get given AA, i bet, get raised, and 4-bet all in, guy called with JJ, interesting one to say the least.. Q and K hit the board but im safe.

35 minutes gone since the bubble, and we are nearing the $11 prizes. Minimum aim for all my cashes is $11. $5.50's are good, but realistically i'll be joining most of them anyway. 

Well, moments after we enter the top 72, and the $11 SCOOP ticket bracket, I try to steal a few blinds and take my stack up a bit... Wrong choice. K4 vs KK. Couldn't be further behind.. Out!

$11 ticket is added to my $33 one, and more importantly, more tournament leaderboard points. If I can somehow manage to win one of my remaining 7 tournaments, I would be in a great position on the leaderboard i think!