Saturday, 2 March 2013

WBCOOP: 06 ... 8 Game: Yeah.

8 game. 8 types of Poker. I can handle two types of Hold'em, No Limit and Limit. Hell, ill play Razz, Stud H/L and Omaha H/L too.

However, stick me in a game with 2-7 triple draw, and straight edge Stud, and I might as well start chucking dustbins through basketball hoops. I've played them before, not very well though.

T - Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
H Limit Hold’em
O - Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)
R - Razz
S - Limit Seven Card Stud
E - Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)
H - No Limit Hold’em
A - Pot Limit Omaha

Thats the line up, my main aim if I am honest, is to make my money during the Razz and Hold'em rounds, and to watch everyone else go mad in the other 5 rounds, thank the lord this is limit.

Luckily, due to the fact not many people play this, there are 108 tickets and probably not even twice that many entrants. 163 so far, but there is an hour late reg. I'll guess at around 250 at most.

So, wish me luck..... Any big hands i'll make sure to post.

First hand of 2-7 triple draw went well... Who said I didnt know how it worked. Thanks wikipedia! Im a quick learner...

No disrespect, but just been a decent sized pot hit the river and J high won in Razz 3-handed. Never a time and place for that.... Seems a lot of people willing to risk and bet regardless waiting to hit on 7th street.

Currently 40th place and in the Stud round. Folding literally anything I get...

Chips absolutely flying about in the NL Hold'em. People havent the patience to build stacks. Some guy just shoved his stack, over 3x the pot and showed KK... Bit crazy, im happy to bide my time.

+$3K Chips!

Anddd bide my time I did. I dont mind splitting a pot when there is that much in there...

Genuinely spent about 30 seconds confirmed to myself I had the nuts....

BREAK: $8,845 ~ 31st of 208

Got football in the morning, so not sure how good a deep run in this would be.... Hopefully I find out.

Moved to a new table after the break. ...
Pros: No Portuguese men insulting me
Cons: These look better players

Just folded 5-5-Q-A and the flop comes 5-5-X. Absolutely terrible to watch. Quad-a-saurus

Massively down now, pretty much starting stack. Twice in Stud.

Self-proclaimed tilt'er hits his straight and I fail to fill up early AAA, and then.....

KKK isn't good enough as guy boats a low one. Knew the trips weren't good enough put surely getting price to call...

Back up to $9000 thanks to the NLH... Bluffin'ell

A lot of bullying going on in the 2-7 Lowball, just called a nice bluff and ran a pot down for $3k. Think it could become one of my stronger games with a bit of practice...

Above average nearing the second break, the game can change that quickly though its silly. A game like NLH or 2-7 is great if you need a quick few $. Will be disappointed if I dont 'cash' in this one if im being honest!

BREAK 2: $14,576 ~ 14th of 165 

Quick tea and soup break, and im back....

That quickly drops to 36th though, after my straight, flush, straight flush and low didn't hit in Omaha H/L.

Stud has, and will be my undoing in this tournament, big pot lost drawing to the world, and hitting sweet F.A! Still, much life left in this, as proved before, about $7.5k left.

But... WAIT! After going 0 from 4 at showdown in Stud, I pull out a small, but vital pot!

Pretty much dotting around the average, and with 23 players until the cash, its time to be cautious, but attack when you have the hands. Some decent people on my tables so far, four of us pretty much separated by 4BB, makes for interesting gameplay!

BREAK 3: $4,587 ~ 87th of 109 

Yeah, enough said.... Looks like a limp into the cash, then an attempt to double up during Razz. Fancy my chances in fairness.

BOOM! No fear in the Razz... bet, bet, bet, and get him to fold for basically a double up on first hand. We are verging on the brink of the longest bubble in history though, seems everyone is really keen for a free $5.50...

Managed to rumble my way up to the average stack, and now can have another proper go at the top. 72 get $11 tickets, thats first goal, achievable too...

Sorry Tyler Frost.... Haha.

Two bigggggggg pots in the Stud (honest!!) and im up to $22k, and 18th place. Great time to accrue chips that was.

People dropping like man, its like a scene out of Saving Private Ryan here... And im sat in the water behind a shield. Waiting for a big one to push for the top 18. I know im being picky, but don't really want the $16.50 ticket, less tournament choice.... 60 left, im 31st.

One reason i'll never understand Limit Hold'em, people love to throw chips away..... Hard to believe i was on the cusp of going out half an hour ago.

Its just all going right at the moment.......

Currently in 6th place with 46 people left, look odds on for the $16.50, but the $22 is what I want at least if I am totally honest.

BREAK 4: $39,837 ~ 14th of 42 

Really wish this was my first tournament, more for Leaderboard points than anything, didn't give my all this afternoon.

Won another big Stud hand, to the tune of $30000, though unsure whether the guy was playing Razz still or not. Pretty sure he had two pair, luckily my full-house was well disguised!

We've just made it to the final 36, top 18 now win $22. That is my aim, as i've probably mentioned.... Oh, currently 9th. Im good shape, I think.

We're down to 28, and 5 tables, still with Tyler Frost in. Got to be sated with him first..... Got a monster stack though, about 1.7x average. Just got to wait until I get hands and do nothing stupid.

Big, BIG, BIIIIG. Like i've been saying, I got the hang of 2-7 Triple Draw, and boy has it helped me. Massive pot, takes me 6th, and we're down to 18. $22 ticket, hello!

Only 1 in 3 will make that hallowed final table now, so its time to go pretty aggressive. Still not had 'frosty012' on my table, but hoping we save it for the final table....

Managing to really attack the Razz, knew it may well be my strongest game, may get down to 13 before the break, wanting to see if I will meet Tyler though when it goes down to two... providing im still there.

Bam! And there we go, down to 12 players. Im currently 2nd, biggest chance of any to get onto the final table, will PokerStars Pro Tyler Frost be there? Unsure...He is currently 12th of 12....

BREAK 5: $152,255 ~ 3rd of 12 

Cor, that was hard work. My chip stack fluctuated between about $80,000 and $280,000 but here we are, the final table 3rd of 6. So hopeful of a $55 ticket for top 3, oh, and of course the chance for the exclusive $109 ticket.

Didn't want to start it on the Stud though, being decimated for chips, luckily one good hand and it makes it all back.. 5 left, and then this happens.....

Miracle river card puts a $340,000 pot into his favour, and realistically, i'll need something big from here to Come top 3.

Actually, did someone say miracle? May only be a small one, but it knocks out the PokerStars Pro 'frosty012' and lands me a chip stack capable of fighting for top spot.

BREAK 6: $223,862 ~ 4th of 4.

Well, here we are. I must say, the chance to play in a $55 entry tournament seems surreal enough, let alone $109. Thats the big boys. 4 of us left though, a nice early pot puts it a bit more even, and confidence is rife.

Well, it was all going so well. I shouldn't complain, $33 entry is good enough from 2nd tournament. Here is the hand that did it. Had a feeling his shove meant I was beaten, but nut flush felt good enough, lovely river for him.

Great tournament, glad to be a part of it. Eight more to go, and hopefully a few more cashes. My $50 target from the WBCOOP has taken a massive jump after just 2 events....!

On to Event 07 or 08. Unsure as of yet, might well do both!

The WBCOOP begins.... Event-05 NLHE: Shootout

Here we go then, the start of the WBCOOP. Free tickets for the SCOOP are the prizes, and i've set an ambitious goal of $50 worth of them from my 10 tickets.

Hoping to play both of tonights tournaments, a beautiful NL Holdem Shootout tournament to begin with.
9 player tables, one man goes through off each.

Registration closed. 397 entrants, so its 4/5 man tables, winner is in the cash. I can deal with that.

Never been great at them so just hoping to get a decent match out of it, and if I am drawn against one of the PokerStars pros, Daleroxxu or frosty012, all the better. $22 ticket available for beating them.

In 2012, I made PokerStars Pro Adrienne Rowsome (talonchick) a victim of mine, and got $11 for the privilege.

Won a couple of early pots, then got handed a monster spot...

He was risking his life with AQ or had me beat with 89 or Q9. Could well have been beating him, but not willing to risk tournament life on it after 5 hands. There will be better times to go all in... I hope.

Well, I was right, 5 minutes passed and I was Heads Up with him again, somehow holding AK vs AA in a 4-handed game, not something you see often. Time to go a bit tighter....

Down to about half my stack now, but its all about the blinds. Currently 33BB so more than enough to mount a comeback in this.

Lasted just 24 minutes, some monster hands coming up against each other, flops me top pair/top kicker and get drawn against QQ, not much I could've done there, 3 crazy hands four handed that you'd back most the time!

Didn't expect much from the tournament, but hoped for better. Back onto the 8-game later, in which should be an exciting one that I plan to stay in a little bit longer.....11:00pm GMT start.