Saturday, 9 March 2013

WBCOOP 25: 90 Minutes of Pain, Torture, and no Cards

Dear PokerStars,

Next time I confess my undying love for an event, can I please have infinite luck, loads of royal pocket pairs, countless nut flushes, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I was so excited for the Deep Stack tournament of the WBCOOP, it was the first one I entered when the schedule came up. At 3pm on Saturday, I had to ditch my football plans, as I got cosy on my seat ready for a good four, five, even six hour session to reach the cash and those all important leaderboard points.

There was some sort of irony in the tournament in fairness, as I sat down to listen to Birmingham play 90 minutes of successful football, I had the opposite fortune and after 89 minutes and 52 seconds, the whistle was blown on my hopes, as my 15 big blinds fell victim to a rivered Ace. My 8-8 unable to hold up against a pretty loose A-3 shove.

Still, it would be silly to blame in all on that hand, although it is always bitter when you go out whilst being the 70% favourite. But sometimes it simply isn't your day.

The worst thing about it, was my opponent in that hand, [javerianaest] had already dispatched of two opponents, a stagnant 'sorry' to both of those, as their Q-Q faced 10-10 on an evil Q-J-J-10 board, before their 7-7 hit a worldie 7 on the turn to conclude the tournament of a guy who was holding 10-10 - seemingly the nominated unlucky hand of the day.

It was perhaps fitting that after [javerianaest] had destroyed people on the flop and turn, that it was left until the river to confirm my exit, after nearly 90 minutes of nothing card wise, it was almost inevitable that the Ace would be shown.

But, like I said, that wasn't the main reason I exited. The 88 hands I played in were a combination of the most frustrating i'd played. Early on i received 10-10, only to see my raise raised, and then somebody shoving 250BB into that raise. That sort of bet would lead me to believe he had a lower pocket pair, or the likes of JJ or AJ, however, I was never going to find out that early on.

I was given AK and AQ, but received no takers for a flop, and it wasn't until hand 62 where I had anything worth betting at, holding Ah 8h, we saw a 3-way flop for 300, and it came down Kc Jh 2h, and my nut flush draw was looking tasty. A firm believer of betting my draws, i smashed 70% of the flop in, and the insta call and then shove from another player was my greeting. Another 1100 into a pot nearing 3000, and it was a reluctant, but hopeful call.

My hand didn't improve, as we checked down the last two streets, my opponent, the serial tweeter [cardkahleesi] missed her open ended straight draw, and instead hit runner runner flush, not like it mattered, as the guy who shoved the flop, ended up turning a boat, rendering us both card dead.

Down to 2,500 and around 25BB, I was certainly still well in it, but I was leaking chips, first my KdQd hit a dead board and lost me 400, before 6-6 hit a KhQhJh board, leaving me scratching my head in disbelief at the hands I was being dealt.

Sure enough, another 20-odd hands passed, and the inevitable happened. Elimination, before a century of hands, and it seems PokerStars is saving up all my luck for the final day. At least it better be. A win, albeit a very optimistic goal, would fire me up the leaderboard and hopefully a chance of lifting the WBCOOP trophy.

Tomorrow I have a football match at 10:30am, will have time for a quick beer at the pub, before getting home and settling down for hopefully an absolute marathon session of Poker.

Coffee at the ready... See you at the HORSE, 2pm deal.


  1. Great read mate

  2. Thankyou! Appreciated :) You got any tickets left? Good luck if so and in the Main Event!