Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WBCOOP - 17: Will I pay for forgetfulness?

Couple of days off the poker and to say im chomping at the bit to play is an understatement. I have now played four tournaments, and if you are wondering where the blog was for my third event, well, there isn't one. Why? Because I forgot to play.

A late decision to watch the football last night bit me in the rear end, when i'd planned to play WBCOOP event, terrible decision. Oh well, onwards and upwards, still with a decent tally and sitting 91st in the table, I think I need to win an event and cash 2 or 3 more to have a chance of topping the leaderboard.

I got a $22 ticket for eliminating 'frosty012' which takes my total to $66 worth of tickets, after just 4 events. Nice. I don't plan on playing any more events until Friday night so hoping to get some points tonight to keep myself on that leaderboard over the next two days.

So tonight its Heads-Up poker, there were a decent 546 entrants, and with 512 needed for heads up, we needed only 34 people eliminated, meaning 476 of us sat and watched Round 1, and to my delight, I was one of them.

Round two came pretty quickly, and after moaning about my loss of a ticket yesterday, it was my turn to inflict this pain on someone else.

Would I wait for 5, 10 minutes to see if they appeared? Hell no. The poker world is a dog eat dog one, so I blinded him out as quick as possible. 7 minutes to be exact. So, I wait until Round 3, 256 will remain, and I now require two wins to get that elusive cash, and more importantly, those leaderboard points. 

Well, along came Round 3, and the SilverStar of [pepa.G92] sat down. The game was to only last 12 hands, as my 10-10 hit one of the remaining two in the pack on the flop, and feeling he may bet out, I checked the set, only to see him check back.

The turn brought an 8, and two flushes were out there, I bet 2/3 of the pot, only the see a shove over the top. He certainly didnt have KK, so i was ahead, but may well be up against a strong draw. I called, he flipped over Q-2 and was already dead. Easy passage to Round 4.

Just the next match stands between me and at least an $11 ticket, glad of my decision to play this tournament now. Will have to scope my opponent out early, as he may well play tight in the fear of bubbling the cash.

After just 13 hands it was my longest game of the night, and we both took early 1800/1200 leads. I was the first below 1000 though, as my two pair was outdone by a straight.

An epic battle commenced, and although managed to get back up to 1.1k, I was down to 300 before I knew it. My J-10 hit against his A-K to keep me in, but not for long, as my last 500 was shipped on a A-Q-5-4 board, with the nut flush draw and top pair, AK. He hit his 4 outer on the river with 6-3 (The 2 and 7 of spades were mine) and that's all folks.

5 down, 5 to go now. Hoping for a big last stretch, and targeting four cashes, three deep runs, two final tables, and one win. Very optimistic, but what do you get for holding back? Not a lot.

Bring on Friday.

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