Tuesday, 28 February 2012

PART 2: My WBCOOP so far.. Bluffs, Bounties, and Blogging

So, after my rubbish performance in Event 4: NLHE/PLO, I decided to try my luck at good old 8-game, also known as Event 6.

Now, im hardly Mr.Versatile. I probably know more about the Ugandan economy that I do about 2-7 triple draw, and Omaha too.

However, my self-confessed love for Razz and Stud Hi/Lo would leave me in good shape against people that didnt maybe know those two as well. So, stay away from Omaha I thought.

Right, so lets fast forward a bit, only 237 entrants, so nearly half of entrants will cash. I was sticking to my plan, destroy at Razz, Holdem and Stud, and stay away from 2-7 and Omaha. Cue around 120 left, 108 place, and we switch to Omaha. I limp in, and I flop the nuts. QJ10, rainbow flop, and I have AK. Just the one guy with me, and he gets all in. Now, more experienced Omaha players may know, that nuts on the flop arent exactly a guarentee. Indeed.

He had flopped two pair and also had chance to runner flush or hit a A for a split. He turned a full house, and I held my hands up. Down to 3BBs.

Few hands later, and I had manouvered myself into a position where I could limp into the cash if I so pleased, with around 13BBs behind me, however, after a quick chat with my mate, I thought, rather than limp in for a guarenteed $5.50 ticket, which I could pretty comfortably afford anyway, I might aswell go for it, and try and win something more worthwhile for my time.

Well, little more than 5 minutes later, and a pep talk Tweet to myself, I found myself shoving an Ace high flush draw in Holdem, and that was it, 114th place, 5 from the bubble, which might as well be the bubble for me.

So, a bit frustrating, but I stuck to my gameplan, and dont think you should change that whatever you are playing. Thats what i've learnt from that tournement anyway

My WBCOOP so far.. Bluffs, Bounties, and Blogging

So, my 10 tickets had arrived, and I was already thinking of how to spend my winnings from the SCOOP that of course I was going to not just qualify for, but win aswell. So, where better to start but Event 1. Straight up Holdem.

Event 1: Great start, won pots, bluffed some people, hit some outs, won some stacks, and I was sitting comfortably with 45 Big Blinds, 50 places from a cash, I decided to c-bet my AK on a J-8-3 board, only to be insta-raised. Time bank was made for this situation, and along came my Oscar nomination, I open up the chat box, and pour out to him that the "trip 8s" I was holding, we're going to be beaten by his trip Js.

Now, my bluff had obviously gone wrong, and with 30-something BBs behind me, this is an easy fold, and a fair play mate, you got me. Obviously I was hoping he had AJ, KJ, maybe 9-10, and thinking, yeah, I can make him believe I have trips, and i'll be around tournement chip leader with 150 people left.

What happened next was inexcusable. I shove my whole stack on Ace high, and he instantly calls, and I see he had JJ, top trips.

Thats how I felt at that moment. First tournement, great chance to cash a SCOOP ticket, but I bluff my whole stack off, a bit like Viktor Blom at WSOPE a few years back, as shown below.

So, 159th out of 570. Not bad at all, but considering I was about 34th when I bluffed my stack off, I might get nominated for WBCOOPs Fail of the Championship.