Monday, 20 February 2012

What would a 21 year old lad do with $5,000?

Written by Brad Smith (Beaverbrad)

Silly question most would assume. Im 21, single, immature, and have no real grasp on what money actually is.

First of all, i'd have to convert it into real money, English sterling. So im thinking maybe £4000, £4500? Ah. £3152.50 according to a quick search. Right, so im £1000 odd down on what I thought already, and for those wondering, I definately did not do Economics at A Levels.

Well, first thing is first, debts. Student Finance decided they were going to be complete so-and-so's with me this year, which means I currently owe £1500 to my lovely doting father for keeping a roof above my head for my last 6 months of Uni. Ouch, that hurt. Half of the stack is already gone. Many of you may be thinking what I thought for approximately 0.24 seconds. £1500 on red? Could get that rent for free....

Ok, I could sit here and be Billy Big Balls and say that i would do that, but realistically, by then it would be my money, and id end up crumbling into a heap next to the roulette table, crying for my mommy, shaking, and politely asking for the funds to be returned to my account, before I hand them over to my father, head down, wondering whether that mental trauma was worth it for this $5000 which I have currently seen nothing of apart from hospital fees after they have treated me for being such a douche. (Had to get an American word in at some point)

So i get back home, and I have approx £1600 of my money left. Superb. Now, I am not entirely sure whether the money goes onto my PokerStars account, or my bank account, but either way, £200 will be going straight onto PokerStars, which I plan to spin up to £1k, in order to play in the UKIPT Swansea (£770 buy in) which has been my motivational background for a few months. Either that, or satellite to it through PokerStars.

So, £1400 left, and the next purchase is arguably sensible, which may leave my parents wondering if I am ill, or possibly growing up. Anyway, I had an accident about a year ago, which basically ended up with me dropping an iron onto my laptop whilst drunk, leaving my screenless since. How do I see the screen you ask? Well, my "laptop" has turned into a "tabletop", where I have it hooked up to a computer screen 24/7. 10/10 for creativity though, and for my clumsiness. £400 on that. Much like this example below infact.

So, a round £1000 left. Serious time. One of my best mates is a big tennis player, and has been in the States for the last 3 years at University. The odd Skype session and seeing him for a couple of days when he is back for a week a year is good, but as he is graduating in May, he has asked a few of his boys to go and see him. I instantly wrote this off due to my hilarious lack of funds, but should I win the prize, tickets would be booked, and I would jet off to North Carolina for a week, and enjoy the American delights for a short while!

Estimating that I may have £100-£200 left after this. I think the only sensible thing to do would be to invest in some lovely new clothes, anyone that knows me will know that this means shirts, and only shirts, just so I can look my best when I roll up to the UKIPT later on in the year. Should I make it, of course a PokerStars hat will have to be in the suitcase, simply for giving me an opportunity!

Well, anyway, that is the many ways I would spend $5000, or £3152.50. Even 397,285.38 Japanese Yen if you are feeling really fruitful, or Japanese. Hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to see you at the tables, my screen name is Beaverbrad for those who missed it at the start!